How Can I Buy a Mahzooz Lottery Ticket?

Mahzooz is an Arabic word which means luck and fortune. Mahzooz is the biggest platform in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is giving an opportunity to people from any corner of the world to try their luck. By just donating a water bottle of AED 35 at mahzooz, you can get the chance of winning millions of Dirhams. And your entire life will be full of joys and new experiences toward a successful life. Who else doesn’t want their dreams to come true?

By the end of this post, you’ll get to know the ways of buying a mahzooz lottery ticket for entering the weekly raffle and grand draw, through which you can win so many prizes of Dirhams.

How Can I Buy a Mahzooz Lottery Ticket

Ways of Buying Mahzooz Lottery Ticket

Mahzooz lottery tickets can be either bought through mahzooz online services (official website) or at any of the kiosks, nearer to you. mahzooz lottery ticket costs 35 AED each and makes you eligible for a grand draw and one complimentary raffle draw which gives you the chance to be the next lucky winner of Million of Dirhams.

Now, let me give you an ultimate guide for how you can buy the mahzooz lottery ticket in easy steps. Let’s get into it.

1. Buying a Mahzooz Lottery Ticket via Online

For buying a Mahzooz lottery ticket, the procedure is very simple and can be done in a few steps. But, first let me make some things clear to you. The product of mahzooz is water bottles for now ( can be added up more by mahzooz), to enter into the mahzooz draw you have to donate a water bottle of AED 35. Each bottle ensures your one entry in the weekly Raffle Draw and one line in the Grand Draw. So these lines can be considered as your lottery ticket. Below, I am going to describe to you the steps for purchasing mahzooz lottery tickets online.

Step 1: Register Yourself

To buy a mahzooz lottery ticket, registering yourself on mahzooz is mandatory. Go to the official website of mahzooz or install the mahzooz app into your mobile. Create an account by giving asked details to get registered. But, if you already have one then simply login to your existing account.

Register Yourself

Step 2: Select “Buy Now” Options

After logging up to your account, click Play on the top menu and select the option of “Buy Now”.

Select “Buy Now” Options

Step 3: Donate Water Bottles

Choose the number of water bottles you want to donate. Each water bottle costs AED 35. After deciding how many you want to donate, click Add to Cart. For every bottle donated, you will get one weekly Raffle Draw entry and one line in the grand draw of mahzooz.

Donate Water Bottles

Step 4: Pick Numbers for Line

You need to pick 5 numbers in 1 line, ranging between one (1) and forty-nine (49). You can either select numbers manually of your own choice, from your favorites or through the quick pick option. This number line will be added for the draw and if your line gets selected by the grand draw machine, you’ll win millions of Dirhams. Here you can read the recommended guide how to win lottery.

Pick Numbers for Line

Note: You can also choose multiple lines at one time.

Step 5: Check Out to Pay

After choosing and adding the selected line/lines to your cart, now it’s time to pay. Payment can only be done by using the credit balance of your mahzooz wallet. You can add credit balance to your wallet using your payment card.

Check Out to Pay

Step 6: Check Your Purchase Confirmation

After paying out, you will receive a confirmation via your registered email or SMS. Congratulations, you have successfully purchased a mahzooz lottery ticket.

Note: In case, if you don’t receive confirmation then your entry and purchase is still unverified. Then, please contact mahzooz customer support at [email protected]. Their toll free number is 8005825 in the UAE or +971 4 588 0100 for all other locations.

2. Buying a Mahzooz Lottery Ticket via Kiosks

Buying mahzooz lottery tickets via kiosks (a small, physical structured machine that provides a service) is also very simple. You can also find one closest to you, by going to the official website of mahzooz and searching under the tab “Find a Kiosk”. Follow the below mentioned steps for buying mahzooz lottery ticket via kiosk. If you haven’t seen the kiosk yet, for quick visualization I have added the image of mahzooz kiosk below.

Step 1: Register Yourself or Login to Your Account

At the kiosk, if you already have an account then login. If No, then click on create an account and follow the instructions displayed on the machine to register yourself at mahzooz.

Step 2: Add Credit to Your Account

If you don’t have any credit in your account press then add credit to your mahzooz wallet by payment card or cash.

Note: If you are adding balance via cash then only insert one note at a time. Moreover, the kiosk accepts the following denominations i.e., AED 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000.

Here’s the link for a quick youtube video by my mahzooz, to learn the process of buying mahzooz lottery ticket at kiosk.

Step 3: Buy the Ticket/Donate Water Bottle

Now, to buy the ticket, select the amount of water bottles you wanted to donate. Each water bottle will make you eligible for one entry into the weekly raffle draw and one line into the grand draw of mahzooz.

Step 4: Add Lines to Cart and Pay

After selecting the five numbers for a line, between 1 to 49. Add your selected lines to the cart and pay using your credit balance form mahzooz wallet. Referring to the amount of lines you selected, the credit will be deducted from your wallet.

Step 5: Take Your Receipt

After finishing the purchase, the kiosk will print a receipt for you. Furthermore, you’ll also get a confirmation email or SMS.

Note: Please contact mahzooz customer support at [email protected] and their toll free number  8005825 in the UAE or +971 4 588 0100 for all other locations, if you have any queries.

Bottom Line

Becoming rich overnight is now possible. Yes, you’ve read it right. Just buy a mahzooz lottery ticket, get yourself entered into the weekly raffle and grand draw and get a chance to be the next lucky winner. The above mentioned procedures for buying mahzooz lottery tickets are very easy, just go online or visit a kiosk nearby you to buy the ticket.

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