How to Buy an Emirates Draw Ticket?

Emirates Draw is highly committed towards a better tomorrow for the people of UAE and everyone who wants to live their dreams. Beside, giving people opportunities to win millions of dirhams, from any corner of the world, they are providing major giving back to the society and biodiversity of marine life & environment. They are donating a significant portion of their funds to preserve coral reefs throughout the region to improve battling climate change, and marine conservation over the next few years. Their commitment to sustainability and securing the future of UAE residents is truly appreciable.

Buy an emirate draw ticket today, and not just get the chance to win rewarding prizes of Millions of Dirhams but also put something good into the society for a better future for all. Now, let me give you the complete guide for buying Emirates draw tickets to enter their weekly main and raffle draw.

How to Buy an Emirates Draw Ticket

Guide to Buy an Emirates Draw Ticket

Emirates draw ticket / AED pencil is available for purchase at the official website of emirates draw or their mobile app. The price of draw ticket are affordable and you can buy an ticket for AED 15 and AED 30. Purchase of one AEd pencil makes you valid for only one entry into the grand draw and raffle draw.

AED 15 pencil guarantees the grand prize of AED 10,000,000 to winners who match 6/6 numbers of tickets and a raffle prize of AED 15,000 each, to 6 guaranteed winners, who match 5/6 numbers of ticket. On the other hand, AED 50 pencil guarantees the grand prize of AED 100,000,000 to the winner of ticket holders whose 7/7 ticket numbers match with grand draw results. And a raffle draw of AED 77,777 each, will be given to 7 guaranteed winners, who match 6/7 numbers of ticket.

Follow the below mentioned steps to buy an Emirates draw ticket for entering their weekly draws.

Step 1: Create an Account or Log In

Go to the official website of Emirates draw and register yourself by clicking on the “Sign in / Register” button at the top right corner of the website. Follow the screen instructions and by giving your information you’ll be registered. Otherwise, login to your account if you’ve already created one.

Step 2: Select the Number of Pencils You Want to Buy

After clicking “Buy Now” from the top ribbon of the website page, choose between MEGA 7 & MEGA 6. Now, select the number of pencils / tickets you wanted to buy. One pencil purse is equal to one ticket and one ticket gives you entry into one draw only.

Step 3: Choose Numbers of Ticket

For MEGA 7 – AED 50 pencil, choose any 7 numbers as per your liking between 0 to 9. And for EASY 6 – AED 15 pencil, you need to choose 6 numbers per ticket in any sequence between 1 to 39. You can also select the ‘RANDOMIZE’ icon to let the emirates system select random numbers for your ticket.

Step 4: Choose the Type of Draw

After confirming the number of tickets, choose the type of draw between Current Draw and Multiple Upcoming Draws. 

  • Current draw: You’ll enter the draw for the current week. 
  • Multiple Upcoming Draws: You will be entered in up to the five upcoming future draws. But as each draw requires one ticket, you’ll be charged AED 50 / AED 15 for each draw you selected.

Step 5: Make the Payment

To make the payment, you can use any debit/credit card or your Emirates Draw wallet balance.

Step 6: Confirmation

After you successfully make the payment, Emirates will send you a confirmation mail or SMS on the registered one, to ensure your entry into the draw. But if you do not receive any confirmation then, do contact their customer support at [email protected].

How to Use the Emirates Draw Coupon to Buy a Ticket?

It is also possible to purchase Emirates draw tickets using coupons. These coupons can be gained through the loyalty program of ‘Bounze,’ who is the partner of emirates draw. Now, let’s have a look towards how to buy emirates draw tickets using coupons.

Step 1: Scan Your Coupon

First go to the “Buy now” and click on the “Scan Coupon” option. Now, simply enter your 16-digit discount code by scanning the QR Code or manually entering it. Confirm the number of coupons.

Scan Your Coupon

Step 2: Add Coupons

If you want to add more coupons to your cart, then select “ADD COUPONS”.

Add Coupons

Step 3: Ticket Number Generation

Based on the number of confirmed coupons you’ve submitted, the system will generate a number sequence for your ticket.

Ticket Number Generation

Step 4: Confirmation

After completing the process, on your registered mail or mobile number, you’ll get a confirmation message, which ensures your entry to the emirates draw.


Final Words

After purchasing Emirates draw tickets, wait for their live show which is held every Sunday at 9:00pm at their official YouTube channel and Facebook page and see if you are lucky enough to win the prize. Also, make sure you only purchase the ticket from the official website of Emirates draw and their mobile app to avoid any future scams.

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