How to Play Emirates Draw? & Win Big Millions

Emirates draw is helding the biggest and most unique draws in Dubai, offering their customers an opportunity to win Millions of Dirhams by just participating in their specific  MEGA 7 & EASY 6 weekly draws after you’ve completed purchase of AED Pencils. They are aimed to build a better future for the society of UAE, people and organizations around the world.

They are also donating a significant portion of their funds for the improvement of biodiversity, climate and coastal life of UAE. In this blog, You are going to learn complete guide of playing and participating in the weekly draws of emirates for winning exciting prizes.

How to Play Emirates Draw

Complete Guide to Play the Emirates Draw

For playing emirates draw, you need to purchase AED pencils which gives participants a chance of winning a rewarding prize of millions of dirhams. You can either buy AED 15 pencils which makes you eligible for EASY 6 draw or AED 50 pencils which makes you eligible for MEGA 7 draw. Purchase of each pencil under EASY 6 or MEGA 7 draw, ensures your one entry into grand draw and one complimentary entry into raffle draw. Now, let’s dive deep into the detailed steps of playing emirates draw.

Step 1: Sign Up/Login to Your Account

Go to the official website of Emirates Draw and click at the “Sign in/Register” option at the top right corner of the main page. If you have already created an account then simply put your email and password to login. Otherwise, register yourself by creating a new account. Simply follow the screen instructions and provide your mandatory information to sign up.

Login to Your Account

Step 2: Choose the Draw’s Type

From the top ribbon of the website’s main page click on the option “Buy Now”. A drop down will appear which gives two options i.e., MEGA 7 or EASY 6. Select the type of draw in which you want. Both draws will ensure your entry into the grand draw and raffle draw but there will be notable differences in the pencil’s prize and winnings amount. The image is given below to show you from where you’ve to choose the draw’s type.

Choose the Draw’s Type

Step 3: Select the Number of Pencils You Want to Buy

By simply clicking on + sign near the cart sign, select the number of pencils you wanted to buy. For every pencil you purchase your cart will be updated. You can also remove the number of pencils by clicking on – sign.

Select the Number of Pencils You Want to Buy

Note: At a single time, you can even buy tickets for the next 5 draws in advance and check price here. However, one AED pencil will be valid for only one entry into the grand draw and raffle draw.

Step 4: Select the Numbers of Aed Pencil/Ticket

For each AED pencil / ticket you have to select numbers of your own choice. For each MEGA 7 AED 50 Pencil, you have to choose 7 numbers between 0 to 9. And for EASY 6 AED 15 Pencil, you will be given numbers from 1 to 39, from which you are required to choose any 6 numbers of your own liking.

The numbers will be given sequentially but you can select them in any manner. For quick picking, you can also choose any previously saved ticket number or simply click on the “RANDOMIZE” icon to let the Emirates central system pick numbers for your ticket. Moreover, if you manually choose the ticket number, you can add it to your favorites by clicking on “heart icon” for future use.

Select the Numbers of Aed Pencil

Step 5: Select the Draw in Which You Want to Participate

After you’ve confirmed your ticket numbers, now select the draw in which you want to participate. You can either participate in Current Draw that will be held in the same week or Multiple Upcoming Draws which will make you participate in upcoming draws. You can choose a maximum of 5 upcoming draws.

Select the Draw in Which You Want to Participate

Step 6: Make the Payment

To complete the purchase, now checkout your cart to make the payment. You can pay for your tickets by using your debit or credit card. Moreover, you can also recharge your emirates draw wallet using your card, to do the payment of your purchased tickets.

Make the Payment

Step 7: Checkout for Confirmation

After completing the purchase, all successful purchases get acknowledged via email, in-Platform messages and even through a push notification. So ensure to check your registered email that whether you’ve received confirmation email of your purchased tickets or not.

Checkout for Confirmation

Note: If you don’t receive any confirmation email or sms then immediately contact Emirates Draw’s Customer Service. Their toll free number is 800 77-777-777 in the UAE or +971 4 356 2424 for all other locations. For any queries you can also send an email to [email protected].

Step 8: Watch Emirates Draw Live Show

Emirates draw goes live every Sunday at 9:00 PM (Gulf Standard Time) on their official account of YouTube and Facebook. At the special events of the year (i.e Ramadan) the time of live show may vary as determined by Emirates draw. When you purchase the ticket they record it as entry in the central computer system of Emirates draw for the current or next weekly draw. So, watch the results of weekly live shows to see whether you win the prize or need to try luck for the next time.

Watch Emirates Draw Live Show

Note: The time and date for the draw’s live show is always displayed on the home page of Emirates draw official website, in which they announce the lucky winners of the draw.

General Rules to Play the Emirates Draw

Here are some general rules of Emirates draw to which participants must be familiar to play the Emirates draw.

  • Only purchase of AED pencil through the official website or mobile app of Emirates draw will ensure your entry into the weekly draws.
  • Every ticket purchased will ensure your one entry into grand draw and one complimentary entry into raffle draw.
  • The person who purchases the ticket must be at least 18 years of age to enter the draw.
  • Participants must not be prohibited or restricted from entering the draw under the laws of your jurisdiction of residence or jurisdiction in which participant is located.
  • Participants must not be the manager, employee or an immediate family member of Emirates Draw.
  • Entries made by customers after 8:30pm (Gulf Standard Time) on the day of the relevant draw will not be entered into the current draw but will be entered in the next Draw.
  • Credit added into the wallet of emirates drawn by the user can only be used for purchasing tickets. But it can be refunded upon request and approval by the management of Emirates draw.
  • The winning numbers are selected by Ball Draw Machine on a random basis. Ball draw machine uses a set of numbered balls where all the balls are of exact size and weight to ensure consistency.


The lucky winners of Emirates draw get an opportunity of winning Millions of Dirhams. By purchasing AED 15 pencil participants can win the grand prize of AED 10,000,000 and a raffle prize of AED 15,000 each, to 6 guaranteed winners. Whereas,  AED 50 pencil guarantees the grand prize of AED 100,000,000 and a raffle draw of AED 77,777 each, to 7 guaranteed winners. Nothing can be more easy than playing Emirates draw to become rich overnight for living the life of your dreams. Take a chance and be the next Lucky winner of Emirates draw.

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