Mahzooz Lottery Ticket Price – Chance of Winning Millions of Dirhams

Living a best life with all the desires fulfilled is everyone’s wish. And now, your wishes and dreams can be turned into reality with Mahzooz, previously known as Emirates Lotto. Mahzooz is one of the biggest draw holding companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It is highly committed to giving back to the community by donating clean and pure water to needy people of society and fulfilling people’s dreams by giving them a chance of winning Millions of Dirhams by just entering into its weekly live draws, held every Saturday at 9:00 pm, by purchasing Mahzooz lottery tickets.

Mahzooz Lottery Ticket Price

Price of Mahzooz lottery Ticket 

For entering the Mahzooz draws, you have to buy a lottery ticket of AED 35 (Thirty-Five Dirhams) whether through the official website of Mahzooz or from Kiosks nearest to you. However, the price of the ticket can vary from time to time, as determined by them. 

After you purchase a Mahzooz draw ticket it provides you with one complimentary entry to the weekly Grand draw and Raffle draw, which gives you an opportunity to become a winner of millions of dirhams. Moreover, through purchase of one ticket you also put good into society, as for every purchase of Mahzooz ticket they donate a 500ml water bottle of pure & clean water to hydrate needy people via community partners.

After buying the ticket, every participant get entered into weekly draw but there are some rules that must be considerable to you while purchasing Mahzooz lottery ticket to enter the draw:

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old to enter the draw.
  2. Participants are not prohibited or restricted from entering under the laws of your jurisdiction of residence or the jurisdiction in which you are located at the time of entry.

Beside the two draw entering rules mentioned above, there are additional Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy for entering that should be regulated at all times after you purchase Mahzooz lottery ticket.

  • You must not be a shareholder, manager, or employee of the manager.
  • You must not be the government representative, the independent adjudicator, or the draw manager. 
  • You must not be the third party, contractor, or consultant of the manager engaged to review the Draw’s insurance, audit, and security procedures.
  • You must not be an immediate family member of specific persons mentioned in above rules.
  • You must not be a resident of a sanctioned or embargoed country. 
  • You must not be on a global list of sanctioned and high-risk individuals.

General Rules: 

Now, let’s have a quick look towards some general rules that need to be fulfilled for buying Mahzooz lottery ticket for only AED 35.

  • Once you’ve purchased your ticket or donated a water bottle, you will be asked to create a line. For this purpose, you have to select the five (5) numbers, either manually, by Quick Pick, or by Favourites, as directed by the Online Services or Kiosk. Then, select the date of draw in which you want to enter, and congratulations you’ll be entered into the Grand Draw. 

Note: It is your own responsibility to confirm your line’s numbers; once you have confirmed your line, you will be entered into the relevant Grand Draw and will be unable to cancel your entry..

  • Mahzooz lottery tickets can only be purchased with credit. Make sure you follow the instructions on the Online Services or Kiosk.
    • You will receive one (1) complimentary entry into the Draw for each Product purchased
      • (which includes one (1) entry into the Raffle Draw and One (1) entry into the Grand Draw).
    • Once your request to purchase a lottery ticket gets accepted, the corresponding amount of Credit will be deducted from your credit balance
  • Entries received after 20:30 hours (Gulf Standard Time) on the day of the relevant draw, or at any other time or day determined by Mahzooz, will not be entered into that Draw.
  • Without giving a reason, Mahzooz may refuse entries and/or limit the number of Entries you can make, after purchasing lottery tickets. 

Important: After purchasing the Mahzooz lottery ticket, all successful entries will be acknowledged through in-Account messages and push notifications. But in case, if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your entry, it is possible that it was not recorded on the Central Computer System of Mahzooz and thus is invalid.

If You do not receive an acknowledgement, also ensure to check your account to see either your entry is successfully submitted or not. If you can’t see it, contact the customer support of Mahzooz at [email protected]. Their toll free number is 8005825 in the UAE or +971 4 588 0100 for all other locations..


Live the life of your dreams with Mahzooz. Mahzooz is offering its participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of winning Millions of Dirhams, every week by just purchasing a water bottle of AED 35 for needy and dehydrated people of society. Purchase your Mahzooz AED 35 lottery ticket today, from anywhere around the world, through their official website or from any nearby kiosks and be the next Lucky Winner of Million of Dirhams!!!.

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